Saturday, March 3, 2007

Circulation Dead

If you ever happen to be in DC never trust the tourist- oriented red Circulator buses. It's a mediocre, slow ride if you take it, although you would fare better in your own automobile, as long as you know the roads, or the Metro (DC has this thing of distinction of calling the subway by this name of higher elegance.) Hint. Never wait more than ten minutes for that bus that couldn't. I've had bad experiences where the bus did not come even after 45 minutes (It's supposed to come every 5-10 minutes) Just today I sat down at the computer after deciding to do the 20 block / 2 mile walk from Chinatown to my residence. And not a single bus was in sight!

Note: This refers to the K street/ Mass ave line. The 7/9 street line fares better with dedicated bus lanes, and the Independence/Consitution line runs fine when it does in the Summer. Visit for information on this bus, and note that if you want to complain this is not part of the Metrobus system.

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