Friday, March 16, 2007

Ohio's Teen Social Problem

Ha! everyone else uses the same news story about the Ohio 'youts'.

A boy ferociously punched another boy, which started a mass riot in the immediate area. The centerpoint was the two gangsta' boys. The poor victim of the punch self-defended himself with a .22 caliber and shot the attacker in the cheek, bringing the battle to a close and safe ending. To make the story more sweet the incident happened right outside the hospital. This ensured that the aggressor got walk-in treatment. I have experience with .22's and it is rare to send someone to the hospital let alone put the victim (or loser of the game, if so) in critical condition, which was reported. The causer of the problem then took an unnecessary and wastefully luxurious helicopter excurision with a personal flight attendant/ EMT to his 'hood compliments of your tax dollars.

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