Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was informed that the Baltimore Coin Convention was today- in Baltimore, about 45 minutes away. We went, but first, we stopped at the 'world famous' Lexington Market- less touristy than one would think. Yes, I had a great Philly Cheese-steak. Some distance downtown, we went to the convention center by the twin stadiums. Yes, we made it there, but no coin convention. We were the third group to come the wrong date. Apparently, as I found out, my source was misled by the Washington Post (the people with the link to the Onion) when they did a non-conforming format issue. But, daddy met one of his firefighter friends from Brentwood (in PG county), and they talked a little. Next I found out that we were going to see interpretational dance at the National Business Museum. The building- and us were part of the dance, they said, Home and a bike ride to the Capital- now that tired me out-a lot.

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