Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saint Michael

Well, I'll be. I didn't have the time to type after the early morning post yesterday! After the coin hunt, I discovered that I did not have a violin lesson that day, and that we were headed to the Eastern Shore- St. Michael MD, and Tilghman Island, to be exact. A lunch stop in historic Easton, and a drive down MD 33.Through the she-she of St. Michael we went. It was much like the Hamptons (Long Island)- I still remember that time the faculty at St. Thomas took us to Easthampton- they came at us so enthusiastically with their shopping bags. Never mind. We came to the 'bridge which connects Tilghman to the rest of the world'--Drove to the end of the road to the army station watch tower. Last Saturday, we had been directly across the bay, at North Beach, 11 miles from the end of Tilghman Island. There is a bridge that opens about every minute to let the boats go underneath- the one in Tilghman, south of St. Michael, which connects them to the rest of the world. Returning home, we parked in the St. Michael's 'interactive' watermen's history museum, a.k.a. the boardwalk. They had this seafood place, a lot of boats, and a museum that they charged money for. More pictures- the memory card almost full.

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