Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't spell "receive"

Blog time now! Even though the violin lesson went 20 minutes over, I still got a lot done. With luck, I caught the friendly neighborhood 31 home in no time, after walking 5 blocks, or so on Mass Ave.
At work today, we worked on our business plans, and dry-ran the performance. This Mr. Haus commented that our idea was pretty lucrative- versatile, full-range technology company- Cherry Point Technology Group of Northern America- or CPTG.
Lunch was fun- not lunchtime, but the food- Bologna sandwich, that, when microwaved, smoked liked plastic; the carrots were on their way out, in their little bag; fruit jello running down the side of its cup; A cookie that tasted rather like styrofoam. I happen to know that the food we received was served on certain airlines. If I ever flew on that airline---

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