Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pay Comes In

So today is Thursday, and tomorrow (probably at midnight tonight) I should be getting about $360 in my account for being at work- payday, as it is called. One more day of Whupity and then it's two days off. What a life. I was out since 6pm-biking, tennis, cosmetic bike fix- my thoughts are a little unorganized, and sorry. But some of our readers did want to know- How much does it pay? About $6/hour- a good value for what work we do (If this program wasn't about real-life job skills, we'd be shelling out $200 or so a week for it!)

PS- I was eliminated twice in UNO today, but it never happened when I held my deck to the end- if I yapped about it more, I think I could control my fate. Noontime round (one where I was ousted from)- that was dq'ed because of hidden cards!

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