Sunday, July 13, 2008

DST- It started a while back

Right now, I'm checking up on some of my internet mansions- Youtube Empire, Facebook Land, and typing away at Blogger Spot.

Today, I got my first inside look at National Harbor. It was a little disturbing how exclusive the place was- most people came right off the freeway, and tourists came by tour bus or pricey boat. Anyway, the resort town was still under construction, but that did not keep us from the waterfront road, which was mostly finished, made up to resemble 'some California Oceanside town'. The inside of the main attraction- the 18-story Gaylord Resort, with sleek windows with perfect, iced edges, and a village under a skylight, and 6 glass elevators. Sadly, I didn;t make it to take a fantastic ride into the air. (Our nearby Embassy Suites has a 9-story glass elevator)

I never told our readers about the digital camera. Well, it was broken yesterday before the hike, and a self-repair brought it to OK condition. If I had the say, I would have straightened the plastic pushbutton- an e-scar remains from Little Brother's hastiness. Oxon HIll farm was too hot- left quickly. Pool- very crowded, didn't stay long. Kennedy Center free concert- great playing, and now here.

Tomorrow- work.

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