Thursday, May 22, 2008

Higgins of the world

Today was the last day of classes- four days until the Western Civ. exam. Today is when we say good-bye to the much beloved 35 minute period which has graced our days with 80-minute lunch periods, which provided cram time and club time. Also a bygone product-the mad rush for the 3:20 shuttle. I don't know the details, but as I left of the Frieshuttle at 3:30 at Fort Totten, that may have made history, as we may be able to leave (some days) from school before 3:00.

In other news, I was fussing about with the Vivitar, the budget digital camera. Works well for its size. Works well for you if you don't need to do anything fancy, and will go into non-conformity to set settings and convert pictures. There is no sound, though, so I'll have to wait for my real camera to come back from New York next month to make more film!
I identified Mike's latest antic, and it's his blog. I must say though, that it's pretty cool'.
RE: Mike Higgin's Blog (
"So here is where the rivalry begins. Don't worry, we'll just have a friendly fight like b-list celebrities vying for attention.
Anyway, there's enough space in cyberkingdom for both of us to have mansions and live in harmony.

I'll add a link to this blog from mine."

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