Friday, May 30, 2008

Post 200, Again

A finish to a year at high school. In retrospect, it doesn't feel anything like the first day of Easter vacation, I think because we were eased in, not having a full, real day of school since last Thursday. So the last exam but Sean still has my calculator-not his fault, though. Maybe I'll see him at some graduation event this weekend. I'm supposed to be receiving a job assignment by Tuesday, from the DC government. If it's good (i.e. I hardly do anything and get paid for sitting in their crib rather than mine), I'll take it. Otherwise, I might have better things to do. But I still have orchestra tomorrow. (Sigh) Life goes on, but there's always Monday. Anyway,I wish I already had my summer homework, so I could finish early, but I guess I have days to do nothing, yet I do not want to waste them. Little Brother will be at Camp Incarnation, CT for the next week, then in England; I'll be home without him, and therefore I have computer rights! Just as long as the internet doesn't fail like it did it this afternoon; it was a stressful event.
Thank you, blog readers, for giving me so much to type about. "Au revoir, we'll see you again"
(from Nixon, 1974)

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