Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sick Days Are for Adults

I woke up at 5am feeling that I was extraordinarily hungry. I ate a little, and settled back into bed. At 6am, I got ready for school with my body half-slumped over, and it feeling extremely cold in the room (72 degrees-I was sick!) I took a few bites into breakfast, and, again, felt sick. It was 6:45, and I was lying in bed with a bucket.

I let it out, and felt alright to go to school (This was 7:15am). So my mother and I scurried to the Metro, and arrived at Fort Totten at 7:45am. Being sick as I was, I had motion sickness that I would have otherwise not have had from the slight movements of the train. Luckily, I was carrying a bag in my pocket. Yes, I felt fine, until running up the hill to make it inside the school building by 8:00am. In a lethargic state, my stomach was in pain, and I just stared at the clock. Again, I let it out after class into another bag. I knew doing it too much would hurt my electrolytes, but I felt normal, and gave a Smartboard presentation. I was even able to participate in football. But I took my normal felling too far. During French, I stared blankly at the vocab list, and, eventually it was lunchtime. I still didn't feel like I could eat. I French Clubbed, watered the plants, and Neuroscienced in a state which I felt that I was legitimately dying. Math class, I was so knocked out, resting my head on the desk while appearing green. I got a 20-minute reprieve in the place called the infirmary, and rushed out to Religion class. I had a little more brain, and was able to scribble legible notes in my notebook. I wondered if I had made the right choice to attend that class. I was truly starving, and that was good, because that was normal. I took a few bites of a granola bar in history class, and walked in a trance to the shuttle. The mental agony had worn off; the stomach was still dealing pain. So I made my way home, and survived the 4-block walk home from the station and took an hour-long nap, and was ready to eat. Of course, I'm overstuffed now, having skipped two meals in a row.

And Delli can drive today!

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