Saturday, May 10, 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms

Yesterday, I went a whole day without using the Internet (I suppose to the disappointment of our viewers). Of course, I would have been lonely without it if I had not gone to Saint Anselm's athletic banquet. Yes, I researched about creating a crew team/club, but the only setback was the cost of obtaining the shell (that's the 54' long boat). The golf club sounded like a much more feasible idea. However, the school will still not have any water activities. Maybe a marine club, where we go and sail Sunfishes?

I was filmed yesterday doing a '50's dance to a new song by an editor of ipolomac43, about blasting into space. You'll have to hear it to know. I'm watching out on Youtube for that film.

my memory card on my cellphone is full
buy your discount-priced stamps today before the price goes up
i think there is free Haagen-Dazs ice cream on Delli's half-birthday, May 13.

Delli-can-drive countdown: 3 days

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