Friday, May 23, 2008

Main Day

8 am- an awards ceremony. 9 am-on the basketball court. The way we lost- it was sort of "laughs as he loses", quoted from Coach C. Final Score: Main 23, Moore 97, just shy of 100.
10 am Kickball over the "grand canyon". Coach C gets a name from this: Many runs, successful pitching, and great catches, and a little league coach's attitude. Main 20, Alban 3. 11 am, he retained his name as our sub-house (Main-2) took our team into victory for football...but...we failed to Austin, Main 4, Austin 5. Lunchtime, and we were in second place. O.K.

1pm- Krazy Relay Race. Six graders destroyed our chances of taking anything but last place. 1:45pm- Capture the flag, territory marked with little red flags. Alban 3 flags, Main 1 flag. For all I know, we did not lose a flag, but Moore did. Good. I must mention that I was improperly briefed on the Alban team flag, stealing their jail flag instead. But, 2:30pm-Relay Race, 25 runners each house, from sixth through tenth grade. Our little Main kids slipped behind, but we used 8th graders with long legs to catch up. The freshmen helped increase our lead, and then, sophomores boosted us to second place. But...a controversy brewed. Our team was accused of cutting our number-but psych nah! Austin, who was third, miscounted and added an extra runner, scapegoating the underdog. We were put back to fourth in the ice cream line, but in our half-hour wait, we replayed the runners, and got back our glory, but not our space in line. So in the meanwhile, I took a space in the whipped-cream pie eating contest. Pure whipped cream laced with chocolate syrup. I slurped and slurped. But, what defines 'finished'? So that didn't count for points, but it was fun. SO I then went to the French party, and made crepes for the first tome. Tried once, failed, tried again, and succeeded in making something sort of decent. So then, we watched the Futurama movie (2007) in French. But before we finished, I had to get on a shuttle home. When I did get home, I was a little tired, and saw that I had obtained a first-degree burn on my neck (ie typical sunburn) like everyone else. A little sore, but I put some Aloe Vera gel on it, and I considered what had happened. Main House had won, I have heard, by four points (1%). But not yet verified, so I'm not too celebrated, yet.

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