Friday, May 2, 2008

Yaw's Post

Yaw Oteng-Agi
Pong hunting on Savanna
Gotta take it all

There is a myth that Yaw hunts animals on the African Savanna in his free time, with his bare hands. This is unverified, but he's cool, even if he doesn't. So here are a few of our favorite quotes of him:"I want that". People say he's not quite American, but that's totally American. Americans want it, whatever it may be, and Yaw simply sums it up. If he doesn't wrestle zebras and lions, he wrestles big men, and win. Never thought anyone who said "I want it" wasn't that smart, think again. He's on the honor roll, and that's Yaw for you.

But Delli can't avoid having another paragraph. Three things- He is one on the top 10 French placers on the National French Exam in the area (including the French Embassy kids), and got a no-RSVP necessary invitation to his awards ceremony. And, he makes great videos on his ipolomac43 account. Five of them, and some of them are superb, including the hilarious Dancing Christmas Tree, as well as the spectacularly synchronized film, Me and My Friends Being Filmed by Chopper 4, Not many people get to use helicopters in their cinematography.

Delli-can-drive countdown: 11 days

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