Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me

I got a little reprieve on the homework tonight. This specific physics problem about the guy chasing the train really got me thinking of literary fiction, which we mentioned in English class today, today which has Chorus, where we studied Music Theory, an artes libertatis, which we learned about it Humanities and History as well. As such, we talked about the 2/0 time signature. Not possible, because it involves division by zero, like in math, and applies to how we learn French; not just counting, but discussing and resolving. It all mixes together. Whether it makes sense stays in my head.

As you all have learned (by now), I have violin lessons on Friday. I also went and auditioned for a chorus part in the Fall musical. The piece was"God Bless America." We sung first as a group, then as solos. My range fared better today than last week, and I think I did pretty well on the words and notes, except for a little anxiety stumble towards the end, and missing a non-existant cue (like everyone else- cues help!)

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