Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday to Bed

The refresh button at last restores a failed load! Typically, the refresh utton is good only for minute-by-minute political tracking, but it worked today.

And here's to the first 5-day week of school, and for that matter, the only one in September. (The next two are an activity day, as well as House Day.)

Reporting from an earlier game- MC/CB 11, JB/AG/YO 22; 2-ball soccer. A scared defense was incapable of fending off high-powered shots. As a matter of fact, I suffered a hot white flash with a ball straight to the cerebrum. It's safer on offense.
PS- I can't be on the winning every time, hint hint.

Thanks, Delli (who featured earlier this year in his own post), for couriering my violin to me between downtown and school! Your greatness is something to be admired.

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