Friday, September 5, 2008


Two-ball soccer creates a great workout, requires great coordination and concentration, and provides the best fun. For example, I scored three half-court shots to the big, 3D mat from a defensive position. In comparison, one shot is good for me in field soccer.
A valiant effort by CB's team while 3 down with 1 hour to go lead to a victory. In the final 5 minutes, an effort was made by the losing team to produce 3/4 court shots, absolutely none of which succeeded. And did we all sweat! CB's team 46, MC's team 24.

Player KN wishes to say to Coach CB that he was 'skooled' at End-10min. It's probably one of longing for a victory.
fyi I was on CB's team.

About 6 hours later, I was covering the DC tournament (more like the Northwest league). It was St. Anselm's vs. Wilson; I knew players on both teams. DC United's mascot, an Eagle named Talon (closely resembling the National's Squawk) was there. The game started at 4:30; I left at halftime to attend to packing for the trip to Pennsylvania- this is why I have to miss the Mixer, fyi. The difference between gym soccer and this game on the new Astroturf field was that there were dire consequences that were to be taken to the end of the year, at least. At halftime, the score was 3-0, Wilson Tigers leading. A small flicker of hope exists that the Panthers pull off the victory.

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