Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who's the Best Rep?

It seems that the Form Rep (IV) position is not going unopposed. The glory of such a position is to be contested, to let the people choose who would represent them best.

A.J. is a formidable contestant for the position, and CB (the Mainmeister who led the blueshirts to intramural victory two weeks in a row) is highly considering opposing him. But, I, Atticus Sawatzki, have submitted my name to the President to have a shot.

There are many reasons that one should vote for Atticus in this race. They include:

Previous experience
A maverick of reforms (Priory Press, 21:2)
Promoter of technology (look!)
Consistantly brings home the bacon (wamunc X)
Will represent YOUR desires, hopes, fears and dreams!

Make the choice you won't regret on HOUSE DAY!
Vote for Atticus!

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