Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That Lame Duck!

George Bush made a rare appearance to a national audience tonight, and begged us for our $2333 each ($700bil. bailout). What do I think about it? hmmm... giving lots of money to rich people... if I were one of them...
What I do have to say is that it may be unnecessary; a shares swap could work like it did in Sweden. Or the Bush I bailouts of $150 billion wasn't too painful? That amount, inflation adjusted, and doubled, is about $400 bil.

The tax plan
Now suppose next year I got $1 million in income. According to the Obama plan, I'd have to shell out $35K more. Parting with that dear cash! That's the price of 1) a cabin or small house somewhere 2) a new semi-luxury car 3) a pre-owned aircraft.

But if using the McCain plan, I would pay $6500 less, but it would put the USA into more debt...
too many numbers?

If it applies to you- VOTE 4 ATTICUS on House Day.
You'll get your value for your buck.


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