Monday, September 29, 2008

House Day 2008!

After 1.8 hours of being in the auditorium, we got out to the playing field. remember, we were in four gourps- our group was skewed to the younger side- I was the most senior- and lots of Aussies- I never told you about the holidaymakers? They thought we did it proper- no, we do it bulldog style. Pull a victory against Alban, lose to Moore. Protect-the-wall. We did well. Krazy Dodgeball- double dodging from both front and back. It took a while to get the strategy right- get balls to your prisoners- fast. 1st-Austin, 2nd- Alban 3rd- Main, 4th- Moore. Trivia. By halftime, after current events and 'the real stuff', Main was up by 30. Then comes Andrew of Austin, and totally serves me. 210 him, 80 us, 50 Alban, 30 Moore. Austin was the formibale opponent.

It all came down to the race again. Main 42, Moore 45 after lunch. If we beat Moore, then we win the day, if we do not come in last. (Austin=40)
Relay happens, I get some good flicks. Little kids in Main- we are losing. 9th and 10th grade picks up the pace- noting Connor W. for his superb passing skills along the 1/4 mile track. Then, by 11th grade, we lost the place- it was not our fault, though. It was that they had a totally awesome runner. Then we picked up the pace at the end, but no pennant. We had to settle with second. But not too bad. Main was a far fourth at Christmastime, and also lost Field day to you know who- Moore, and we still came out victorious.

Revenge will be ours!
Tomorrow- some intramurals that COUNT!

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