Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coins and Coffee

The right coin show for you is a excellent experience. If you did not know, I'm an avid collector of five years. I hadn't been to one in a while, so when I saw that this event in nearby Annapolis was coming up, I decided to go. Knights of Columbus Hall, Rt. 2, just off Ocean Gateway. Quite convenient. A mere 18 miles from the Beltway. So it really didn't take that long to get there- I was so indulged in composing a choral piece. But it was great- not too many dealers or hard sellers, just talkative people and lots of well priced merchandise. The budget I was put on wasn't all that bad: Always could use more. Nevertheless, I was abe to get a selection of fillers, as well as a 1889 New Orleans Morgan Dollar ($16) and an EF (aka really nice) V nickle from 1883. Sorry if you don't know coin lingo. I'll try to explain the hobby (and, for some, career) in layman terms sometime on this blog.

If we were just 2 miles from old town- why not go there too? As usual, others came to that conclusion as well. The town was bustling, but not to the point of New York maddening. Lots of ordinary folks- If you took a survey, about half of them were from Baltimore, some from DC, and some from wherever, USA, and some Navy students and their friends and family. It was sort of like DC on a state level- there were the lobbyists; the teacher group and the Maryland Banker's Association were two I saw- the State House (which is on MD's quarter) was prominent in the skyline.

And what's a trip without Starbucks. The one on the harbor was the first east of the Mississippi, I heard from an uncle. He was around when there were talks and murmurs about the novelty coming to town. Well, Daddy never thought Starbuck's would last around here: The Seattle people were depressed by the bad weather that they needed expen$ive caffeinated drinks. So, the shop did not become part of the family. The meter lady was giving out parking tickets on a Sunday- this town was serious about their parking revenue. So before two hours were up, we were back in the car and going home.

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