Monday, March 16, 2009

Top 100 Blog?!

On the website "temporary attorney", the one that infamously rants about the miseries and deceptions of law school and the law profession, was a little enblem about it being a top 100 blawg. It turns out that blawg is a pun. b-law-g. Sorry if I killed the flow. Then people make these lists about the Top 100 blogs? Based on what? I guess readership or revenue. Now there are news blogs, specialty blogs, neighborhood blogs, journal blogs, and rant blogs, and lots of other types of blogs. Some get higher readership than the others, by ad placement, real-world connections, and KEYWORD PLACEMENT- that's how a lot of readers found this blog. Other than these, I suppose that blogmasters register with an index. Nevertheless,I read a stat that 25% of all college students have a blog- now that's a lot of blogs. Some are well-written, some creative, but the point is- bookmark the ones you like, and the ones that people you affiliate with edit.

And 25% is just a statistic- most blogs are dead---the owners never had a real passion for it, and luckily, they don't show up on top of a web search.

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