Friday, March 27, 2009


WAMUNC is the great apex of the year. Unlike CUMUNC, this event is in the supposedly nice days of spring, with the smell of flowers and bustle of tourists and feeling of the end of the school year. That's a particularly April feeling. And that was last year, after the mental barrier of Easter break.

Nevertheless, I have been so tied up in school, schoolwork, and school peripherals that I forgot that there were only a few weeks left before the egg drop (Apr. 14) and exams (May)!

After school Thursday, we did the familiar drill of shuttling to Fort Totten, ride the red in a semi-private car, and have our leaders hide at the other end of the car. Quick to supper at Chipotle's- a whopping $9 for dish and drink, after the decent intro at Lisner (Obama would speak there tomorrow...). Comittee Session 1 at Gov't Hall. Plenty of competent OPEC players who knew their thing... not that easy to take all. But form your position, get up and at it, and do well.

"National Weather Service has issued a Dense Fog Advisory for the District of Columbia and surrounding Area until 9AM. Visibilities may be reduced to a quarter mile. Area of Fog is expected to develop overnight into the early morning."
That was today, just like yesterday. But cloudy skies don't dampen me.

After 3 classes (excluding gym), we were back down at GW. Now I (like that as I was the sole Panther at the OPEC party) had the opportunity to have an indoctrination session at the API's 12th floor HQ at 1220 L st.

If the event was placed the week after Easter, well, that would get in the way of my pending DMV adventure (My right birthday is April 17, a Friday, and I expect to use the time after school and before the place closes to take care of business). But saving the world is more important than self satisfaction.

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