Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturday. After staying up past midnight, it was sort of hard to get up at 8am to go to the conference. Anyway, to my surprise, just about everyone from school who was supposed to be there was. Again, the OPEC got a room at nearby Government Hall, and got to work. So I supposed that it was time for me to be a sponsor. So I swng my weight and called out how Australia was the USA's BFF (fyi at this point in simulation, had increased oil production) and that we'd have to justify why I was subsidizing OPEC purchases by Australians. So I was sponsor. Now, if I just had voting powers

Meiwah's at 22nd and M. Never had considered eating there. I don't really know why I never have. So as we were waiting on the food,some really tall guy in a hoodie walked past our table. I instinctively pulled my belongings within arm-reach of me. Soon came an entourage and a coach. It was Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons, another high profile diner in this restaurant. Yes, the food was good (otherwise how would you get every politician to visit and have a picture taken?). And the price tag lived up to a comrade's stereotype of $15 Chinese food. There is also a Meiwah's in Chevy Chase. I guess that's how everyone knew about it.

So we were about 2 blocks from campus and 6 blocks from where I wanted to be. I got back in time, though. The OPEC resolution clearly passed, the non-OPEC clearly failed. Finally, we got onto the topic of renewable energy. Why was I so harried? The NGO NRDC was asking me about kangaroos. That went through well. Because I wasn't getting much attention, I decided to change my persona and talk about the rouge funding by oil money. The talk was interrupted as news of a revolutionist takeover in Saudi Arabia came in. "Should've listened to me". Then they took over the UAE. "Let's get them!". For this day, it was 6pm, and the conference, in all desires, was done for.

The Delegatefest. A highly guarded event with blaring music. As loud sounds disrupt homeostasis, I got thirsty. No snacks and drinks as promised. Not in the ballroom or in the geeklab, or in the adjacent battle of the bands. It was alright to socialize with people, but the music really started to hurt my ears, so I tried to leave. According to Physics class, that's 120 decibels. So I got parental permission to leave. Well, maybe not with the hounds. Three guards at each staircase, and a person watching each elevator. I positioned myself near the least guarded one, so that I'd be able to mix in with the crowd from the Battle. But no. More student guards came. So I remembered that there was an unobstructed exit from the roof. After crossing some groups of smoking children smoking cigarettes and who knows what, I gracefully opened the door, and twirled down the steps. And the stairway put me- outside on the alley halfway to the Metro. I had made it out. It turns out that others had done the same.

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