Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Again?

There was no green monster and there was no funk music today, but surely spring came today. And for some reason, I was up at the time, around here it was about 7:30am. I actually set my alarm clock for a different time than 6:05am, which is not typical of me.

SO what was the big deal? To get studying for the next 6 weeks done. I thought I had finished it all Wednesday morning, but, golly gosh, no. Well, I did some work at Georgetown Library, took breaks, daydreamed, had lunch, and soon it was suppertime. I suppose the lethargy came from the unexpected cold drift that passed through- temps in the 30's in spring?

Nevertheless, its Spring, and by the time this season in over- It'll be summer break. Always a time for the strange and unexpected to happen.

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