Thursday, October 9, 2008

300, but not the last stand

Alternate Title: All Eyes on Iceland

Is it just because I traded Northwest Airline miles from 10 years ago for a Wall Street Journal subscription that I found out about the monetary crisis in Iceland? Well, the value of their currency is not half of the Euro, or 1.10 of them for a greenback. SO, I looked up the cost of an Expedia vacation package to the chilly island. Airfare from Boston, roundtrip, pre-Thanksgiving rush is $546, or a mere $273 each way- direct-purchase saves $5 per flight. Or, my little itinerary from DC would include Eastern Bus fare ($20) to New York City, lunch in Chinatown, and a Lucky Star bus to Boston ($10), and T fare to the airport (under $2) for an overnight. Or throw a night in Boston into the sojourn. Then, follow your Expedia print-out... in Iceland's deteriorating currency, the hotel rooms come out to a mere $40 a night!- Holiday Week (Dec 20- Jan 3 this year) is a different story...

Yes, yes, international travel for under $1000 (and that supposedly includes taxes and enough food)

Celebrating three times one-hundred posts!
Long live the Blog, even though Sparta fell.

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