Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Foreword: For the past year-and-a-half, you all have been reading about my superficial life, with some cool stuff in it. Now, I write like I am Truman of the Truman Show. A very popular movie from 1998. For all those who had access to the internet back then, you might be having flashbacks to the good old days when the internet was 'pointless', that is, not worthless. Some cool stuff. Personal accounts w/o much emotion. But then...

This cute little donkey is all the hype in this featured blog, http://donkey-dreams.blogspot.com/. No, it's not internet 1996, and there is a deeper meaning to this blog, like a lot of blogs, than the '90's. This donkey is on a donkey farm that provides emotional support for people who need it- free of charge and supported through the sale of artwork. What a touching story, it puts off my Elvis "in the ghetto" prophecy, but the donkey, and the cause, deserves it.

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