Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. According to many, he discovered America. Yes, the Natives who crossed over the isthmus amounted to nothing, and the Vikings meant nothing as well. So be it. He didn't even discover Florida. And yet, we fly Italian flags next to the red, white and blue to commemorate 516 years of the commencement of traditionl and biological warfare against the Natives, and exploited our natural resources.

Yet, 16 years ago, at the 500th anniversary in 1992- in that corny year (see my Youtube channel), no one was abhorred by the weneration of one arbitrary sojourner, who barely made it. And even today, in our 'integrated' world, it doesn't cross everyone's minds. Yes, Yes, let's salute a racist (Have you ever read what he wrote about the friendly Natives by 1597?). Happy Columbus Day!

PS- the MoCo kids, and other jurisdictions got the recent Jewish holidays off as neccessary, but condsidered this holiday as too offensive for lots of people. They are in school right now, maybe learning about the Italian sailor or not.

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