Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wasn't that a week ago?

Like a cartoon character chased by personified steel nails, I can say finally can tell you about last Saturday night. Homecoming. I promised people that I would go. I get a little pep talk about attire- 'semi-formal', so then I look it up. I selected style based on the explanation that, if no further word was given, such as 'suit-and-tie', this implied smart casual, or something. Yes, we love to dress up whenever we have the chance. It was a black-suit, shoes, and tie event, I was informed when I got to the gatekeepers. I was not the first. Yes, they would let me in (for a fee), then run the chance that I be chased out by disciplinarian. And anyway, it was part-over, and I was pretty tired. I tried to come, so what can they do to me? At least I didn't become laughing stock of the town on Tuesday morning.

Zut Alors, I have a physics test tomorrow. Gotta dash!

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