Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever seen a little crab at barge fishmarket that escapes the live bushel into the water? No, the crab does not have real emotions, but it has a basic sense of want, direction, accomplishment. So we sometimes feel happy

Don't you know how it feels when you're really happy and all, like when you got the Hail Mary test answer correct, or when you find your lost cell phone (ahem), that is, or when Main House beats archrival Moore or formidable opponent Austin? And then there are those times when you have momentary nirvana on earth, like when you find your lost cell phone (ahem), the Redskins go to the superbowl, Main House wins the trophy, or, as last night, I pulled off a Texas Hold-em comeback.

You see, I was playing the hypothetical penny slots. I was up by 100, but this sinister lady took me down to zero, and everyone else. I was torn to pieces. I didn't have any major success until I went into the nickle-and-dime league. Yes, I pulled away a full house on the first game. And got about 3000 chips for it, putting me in the 100K-pro category. Awesome.

PS- I do not endorse gambling, and this isn't playing with real money, but it's real practice for Vegas or AC. And when I edit posts, I do notice some spelling errors. Bad me. Don't worry, just be happy.

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