Saturday, October 11, 2008

Put on a happy face

Gas prices are crashing down (like the stock market), so let's all put the little hybrid away and pull out the Humvee. And throw the bikes on top of it, even though you won't use them, but just for the sake of wasting precious fuel. Leave the lights on, as well as the computer, because it's time to celebrate. Yes, it hasn't been since the '90's that the media used the cute factor of Socks (the Clinton's cat, now age 17-1/2 (a good 90 in cat years) as a prime attractant. Remember, the news is like any other business. But, especially Fox, loves to use the scare factor. Economy Crashing. Unemployment. Misery. Great Depression. Yes, part of it is George Bush's fault (and his dad and brother), but the rest is mind-altering exaggerated fluff intended to make us cringe at the purse string. Darn, I gave out the secret.

Anyway, go out and spend some $ this (racist*) holiday weekend, and enjoy life to the fullest!
From the producers of JangooVision

* I'll explain tomorrow.

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