Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spiffy Little Job

I couldn't find the school right off the bat. Among the towers of Bethesda was our destination.

That was yesterday, when there was a concert called "Dream Tour around the World". It was a Chinese production, portraying Chinese music, as well as Asians and everyone else performing music from all over Europe, and then, authentic Latino music, and some African drumming. But I only got to hear half of that- I had to go backstage. This was at B-CC- for those who don't know, Bethesda-Chevy Chase. Nice 2002 everything, from classrooms to expansive 1000 seat auditorium, and very, very clean- totally unlike a typical DC (or even PG) public school. Somehow, most people there are well off- there was a sign boasting a guest speaker from 'da hu' making a presentation about 'DC poverty'. What a foreign concept!

It had a feeling of an All-star school. In fact, it is America's Best High School- in 1960. 2005- it was tagged as #29, and now, #63. Cause- Ranking system gets skewed; Magnet schools are included, and the ratings are 'unbiased'; that means that the $ factor is excluded- none of the fancy toys came cheap. But Newsweek doesn't feel the need for keeping it real. I need to write my own rankings. It'll work better. Anyway, that explained the 2015 target goals posted up and down the hallways.

PS- Wilson High, situated between high-lauded BCC and Arlington's even higher-ranking HB Woodlawn, is given #386, even with the School Board's listlessness, deteriorating facilities, and violence- although not as bad as 'DC Poverty Place'. Still, it's a reductio ad absurdum.

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