Friday, October 24, 2008

Building Tall

Check my facts, but America maintained the homeland of the world's tallest building from the turn of the last century up until 1998. It's time to bring it back. With what the oil money are doing in Dubai makes formidable competition- breaking 2K feet isn't good enough- I think the next building will be 1/2 a mile tall (2640 ft). At least Chicago is building her Spire. But I do believe that a new city should get the honor. On my behest, the JangooCorp will need a new home. What about the capital city, DC? By law, height is width of adjacent street plus 20', not exceeding the height of the capitol. That's only like 28 floors. By permission, recess from the curb can be added height, as the National Cathedral. By FAA request, Rosslyn is restricted to 490 feet above sea level, anything taller gets in the way of planes trying to land at National. Bethesda? Silver Spring? Crystal City? Wherever the land prices are high is where the Corporation wants to build a tower. Completion date- approx. 2035

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