Friday, October 10, 2008


That was bad. After I filmed the sub-vertisement, I put my cell phone into a shallow pocket- while still seated, because it was a crowded train car. Bad idea. When I do my usual scan of the seat area, it was a newspaper mess, by the last person who sat there. I get up and leave train car. By escalator I notice cell phone not in usual pocket. It usually happens this way: I put cell phone in bag after use. But no. The chase was on. Not much to do other than call mommy and daddy, until after school, where I chased the phone up to Glenmont, where they would theoretically clean the trains. But that's only in New York. SO I came home, hoping for a sign. I filed an online report, and now I'm just waiting for Tuesday morning to see if they got it- and not someone else.

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