Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't be Hateful

Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo, a Congolese who is in Fatherland Belgium, is filing a suit against the publishers of TinTin. This is what makes a mockery of the justice system- wasting people's valuable time, and threatening freedom of speech in Europe, just because Herge was being historically accurate. If you can get this boy's adress, I'll refund your postage stamp. Yes, just try to sue me for blogging.

I f you don't know, Tintin is a Belgian colonizer (approx. birthdate 1910)- yes, Belgium has colonies in Congo, with a dog named Milou (in english editions, it's translated to Snowy) who endeared the world in books by cartoonist Herge from 1929 into the '80's. Now just look at what this unpatriotic college student is trying to do.

So, as what Rat is doing in Pearls before Swine this week (tip-off- frivously sueing billionaires in an attempt to become very wealthy) is not as bad as the symbolic guilder (euro).

And please don't sue people unless it's for due recompension!- and not because someone drew a picture that offended you. t's partiotic to pay a just amount of tax, and it's patriotic not to desecrate a national symbol.

Here's a link to some TinTin cartoons:

Same thing goes for all the other cartoonists over there.

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