Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Post (Happy style)

(insert a phrase from George Horton paraphrasing Greek literature)

Because I did my Math homework last night I did not have any homework tonight! That's a first in a while. For the record, Montgomery County Schools opened 2 hours late today, and therefore we had a neat-o 1 hour delay, which I used half of for a snooze and half for treading through ice. I didn't have a problem with the trains, but apparently some people did. There are automatic snowmelters on the tracks to take care of the ice. While the temperature barely broke over freezing, parts of the park's snow/ice has broken into islands in the park outside my window. Likewise certain streets are still in a thick layer of frozen wintry mix, while other (side) streets are melted. Whatever was going on with ice adherence today will not disturb my normal Friday and Friday night tomorrow!

Also: I found my Biology folder back where it belonged. Nice people-returned my exam study material.

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