Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopping Rush

Today I went to Inkstop. I got up at 7am to do so as to get massively discounted technology, but there was a little problem. The ad said the store opened at 8am, when it really opens at 9. So I was stranded for an hour, walking around "Little West Virginia", as the neighborhood is sometimes called, and playing with my cellphone waiting. At 9 I was like a child in a candy shop, the discounted technology on one neat shelf. I got memory cards, reams of paper, a labelmaker, for $27. or so. Anyway, according to my original plan, I was supposed to take the D5 shortcut bus directly home, but that was a rush hour only service and I was stuck taking a transfer trip. At least the D6 was a new bus, which took off some of the pain. Anyway, Inkstop, great values.

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