Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ice Day?

Snowball-able snow so early in December? Cool.

The only reason I'm here right now is that the mayor decided to take a snow day. You see, the DCYO-JP (DC Youth Orchestra Junior Philharmonic, who is recruiting), which I am a member of, was supposed to perform at the livable walkable community event. This was called off, as many other things were, tonight, for a reason I don't see. Now tomorrow, I believe that there will be ice on the roads when it refreezes tonight. (Actually, it was below freezing nearly all day- the roads just didn't freeze like everything else, and the snow would not adhere.) And when there is ice on the roads it isn't safest to drive and the government says not to go to school or work because of that, even though it doesn't bother my travel.

Keep posted on for the latest school closures. Rappahanock county in Virginia and The Potomac School, VA have already posted 2 hour delays for tomorrow. My opinion: It doesn't matter to me if we had school tomorrow or not. After all, it is going to be Thursday and it's not a bad schedule...

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