Thursday, December 13, 2007


Our very first high school exam. In a mere 15 hours I will be sitting nervously while some teacher, who comes on time, hands us our language exams. I'll fill out most of it right, trip up over the pronouns. Then I start doubting my answers. I avoid changing the multiple choice and it comes out sweet. Three hours later, someone will hand out the Religion Exam and I will miss some part of the doctrine (God is...) or be misguided on an essay. That was based on the last test, but I just have to get the Christian philosophers straight.

In my other life, a girl who I have never met before tracked me down to my Facebook from a piece of apparel. During the summer of '05, I think it was, while I was at Saint Thomas', the boy's school hosted a choir week for girls. "There I was a hero". Sweet and nice.

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