Friday, December 7, 2007

Two and a half day weekend

It's Pearl Harbor day today, and nobody told me before TV did. For some reason they forgot to mention that this is the second day of Hanukkah.

The 8 hours of free time on Friday should not be misrepresented. It is the best part of the weekend just because there's more weekend ahead! Intramurals were fun today, because Main house dissed Moore at volleyball- 3 games in a row! In orchestra today, I had the feeling that I was outperformed by a little sixth grader who played a solo maybe better than I did.

I submitted an article for the Press last night after blogging (or as I call it, E-Journaling) I won't spoil the secret until the paper comes out. I would like to encourage more "freshies" to write material for the paper, because good literature comes out of hardship. Not like being a Freshman at this school is difficult.

Anyway, that was so cool how we used the new school lecture hall. Those nice seats are as part of the future as a Segway.

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