Sunday, December 16, 2007

O Tannenbaum

Today we got a Christmas tree! A sign of a Germanic dark age ritual. Other than this reminder, I was nearly insistent to take the bus to get the tree, because I was in fear that there would be no parking out front. Of course, it's only what one would do if they wanted to make a statement, but we were lucky in that we had a parking space just about were we left from. There surely are exams tomorrow. Science may require thought, but the English exam will be jolly. I will do good on the English exam! HAHAHA. Lame joke. Starbucks is irritating me; they opened another new one two blocks from where they opened a new one in June. Worse than McDonald's, I think. Did you know you could fireproof a tree ? More on that later, I got to catch some sleep.

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