Saturday, December 22, 2007


I enjoyed my first year of Christmas shopping. I enjoy going to the large store and grabbing last-of-stock items off the shelf, the only time one may grab items one after another. But, unlike the news kept on saying, there were no entrancing sales and price cuts that made me feel like I was in heaven. (buy a hot dog griller and get an ice shaver free, eh?)

After that I had a sad time- while I was being nice and filling my daddy's car with gas. I finished and topped the gas off for safety, and pulled the nozzle from the tank, which, brokenly, splurted 39 cents of gas on the side of the car and on my pants. Ick.

In another pair of pants we went to Rodman's and bought about $40 of European imported sweets.

The Redskins are fighting for a Wildcard spot after dominating the Giants. No matter what happens, the inspirational-coach-movie will portray the Redskins winning.

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