Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One last exam

What is in my way before a merry Christmas Holiday break?
Studying for the final final exam
Doing the final final exam
Having a school mass after the final final exam.

Main question- do we get any holiday homework, or is it given to us tommorow to our discontent, or is it mailed to our cheery homes to remind us of the real world? Or do we not get any at all?

A new cooler of coins is starting to grow. Unfortunately, I can still lift it with one finger. As I sort through the incoming coins to pluck out the collectibles over the coming holiday, I think the bucket will get quite heavy by New Year's Day. Of course, I'm going to fill it to the brim. Also, I can only guess how much money is in the cooler, for now I have no need, and it takes too much time, to put them in neat little bank rolls.

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