Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post 50

Hurray. It's my 50th blog post, half of which came in the past two months, when I made an attempt at 5 posts a week. Now we had our ("50"/10)th exam today, and one exam only, which let us out at 10am. Since the shuttle wouldn't come for another half hour, some of us had a nice walk through the community on Michigan avenue to Brookland Metro. Somewhat quicker than taking 12th street.

Nevertheless, there are still two exams left and I know the readers want these exams to be over as well! Maybe the 100th post could be on Feb. 29, 2008? That's a special day.

Jack Evans sent us a nice "Happy Holiday" card on glossy paper in full color; the type you receive from relatives. Paid for by Evans 2008, Treasurer, Dennis Black. Evans has been the area councilman longer than I've been alive and he's probably going to be elected again and again.

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