Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DCYO Recruiting

Can you play a Vivaldi Concerto? If so, great, because that is what our conductor wants.

Last Saturday, Mr. Vales revealed yet another ambitious plan for our Junior Philharmonic. He compared us to the other, (top) orchestra and said we could be as good as them, when we had enough people. He pulled out a board with all the available seats, and had us all fill in a chair to represent ourselves. We had 35 people. There are 88 places, which is the size of a full Philharmonic. We were always called the Philharmonic, and now Mr. Vales wants a Philharmonic. "We will fill these seats by 2009". "Three oboes!" someone exclaimed "It's lucky if we have one!" He said that if we all brought someone to our ensemble, then the rest would take care of itself.
according to Mr. Vales, "We can be the best in the county".

Most of us have been playing with this institution for many years. That is testimony to the enjoyability of the program. Timewise, this takes no more than 4 hours of your Saturday, and requires only a few hours of practice a week. For this you receive the chance to perform at high profile events and a great portfolio for college applications.

So I encourage everyone out there, if you think you are qualified, or for that matter have any sort of musical inclination, visit this website, All orchestra positions are avalible. Harps and Percussion and all woodwinds and brass and strings, including violin!

Thank you all for your time, and remember, you can be great!

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