Friday, June 27, 2008


For work, today, I was sent to the Employment Service's H street office. To get the best deal on the ride (as Little Brother insisted), I used the 30 bus to transfer to the X2. Great idea, but it didn't really work: I ran at par with the bus for three blocks, sort of gave up, then picked up the pace. Boy, was I tired! Anson (A Little Brother's classmate from Pre-K) insists that I don't jaywalk to catch buses, and I kept that in mind as I went downtown in solitude. I made it, 7 blocks from the origin. Lafayette Square, the park in front of the White House, was the transfer point. No bu for a while. Fear: bus would get very crowded. Reality: It was only 'standing room only', not too bad for this route. What busywork. I knew that the item I was sent to collect, my debit card, was not there, yet I was sent there. I got back 2 hours after I started, on the Red Line after X2.

This afternoon- pool and storms.

Anson is fighting to keep his Wisconsin Avenue position as he was listed for transfer to 16th street.

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