Monday, June 2, 2008


I never knew that DC had a trolley museum, until I was fooling around with a map this afternoon. However, I don't think you're able to ride them like you can in the Baltimore Streetcar museum. Trolleys and streetcars are just so cute. I wish DC would just build the platforms, and bring their already-purchased streetcar from Czechoslovakia (The first DC streetcar is planned to run along a railroad right-of-way from Bolling Air Force Base, past Anacostia Station, and terminate above Pennsylvania Avenue, for a junction with the, ohh...30-series!)

But, this morning, I went to the Supreme Court, again, fortunately, by insider's access. Today was like our final exam days to them. In June (simplified), there are brief reading sessions, on Mondays, that well, are when the decisions are read, and then an admittance to the bar. Not exactly sure what it means yet, but it sounds important. I'll come back to you on that.

Way home, nice, 1st class N22 ride, then Circulator has door problem, get home soon though.
Rest of day, blur.

National Capital Streetcar Museum

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