Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 3- Really?

Monday, Week 3 of "work".
Weekday One of the new 30-series metrobus schedule.
It looked pretty good heading uphill to Tenleytown. Buses popping up at regular intervals, and the 37! Wow! Limited service downtown for the taking. The naturals of bus bunching and the punctuality of the new routes made the scheduling work, contrary to what I thought would happen, on account of treating the 31 as a separate line from the 32 and 36. Home, and Little Brother did his best- 14 years on play mode on Locomotion. Pool late in the evening after the storms, and home again, contemplating on the new square-shaped gallon milk jugs that Sam's Club now makes.
We're finalizing Jangoomag July. Look online soon!

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