Friday, June 27, 2008

Post Script

This Washington breed of exercise-sport, bus chasing, always takes a toll on me. I was real sweaty; it was a hot and humid day, and still is. When I got back, the work gang was watching This is Marshall. Soon, it was lunchtime. I was so thirsty that I drank two of those little milk cartons- that really filled me up. On the way home, I hopped (saying 'jump' might mean something radical to my readers) off the bus, and got a free M&M ice cream bar handout. Awesome! Home, I watched up on Canadian television on YouTube- Mayday, about the Marshall plane incident (sometime in the '70's) , as well as the Aloha flight 243 (Apr. 28, 1988) - amazing survival story- all the passengers survived.

People updates, from Facebook.
c. is getting ready for the Potomac Life tennis tournament(L5).
al. et fr. are coincidently going to Maine soon, on two different vacations- so will I!

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