Sunday, June 15, 2008


I got Digital TV today, and it works nicely. As promised, there are the fractional channels (such as 7.2), of which most are lame, especially with eternal radar, and lousy reruns. I got the converter box... anyway, only a few channels are on DTV as of now.
Analog in a valley doesn't come out good, so I'm hiding back in the internet. It's true; I don't have cable, and the internet is the closest thing that comes to high-quality cable or satellite programming without our poor reception. Tenleytown broadcasts at 400' elevation, we're at 60' here; most of the DC area is around 150', and I suppose that the engineers designed TV to work with them.

Too much babble. If and when DTV gets good shows, that will be the icing to the digital cake. The reception is much clearer; FOX 5 is no longer stripish, NBC 4 is no longer tinted green, and the few channels over 9 that we received in blur are now 'all here'. At least channel 7 (owner of decimals between 7 and 8) had some decency to use the new channels. An example is 7.2, also called Local Point TV (, a really low-cost production show (they said; send in you videolips to be on TV), but it was better than nothing.

Digital isn't ever far from the internet, though; when the reception has a blip, it stops just like the internet films do, and pixelate like a low-resolution picture. Love that technology, and let's get digital!

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