Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dah Dah Dah

Again, the internet has never felt so good. What do you want from a computer whose internet performance is currently about 66%?! This morning, I tried the employment services office. What I found there was not what I had seen the previous two times: The line stretched one block on H street NE, and to the back of the behemoth building. Not going to waste my time there; we'll call tomorrow morning @ 10:00- the line should be a little short then; it's God's time for lots of people.

It was then out to St. Mary's city in Southern Maryland, home of The Public Honors College, for no apparent reason other than to turn cash into exhaust fumes. It was a ridiculously hot 93 degrees, again (my typing is falling into temporary dyslexia), and it was all sweaty. Chinese food, and then a walk around campus, when we finally got to the tippy point of Maryland. The historical things, on the University grounds, included a replica statehouse, and the pile of original bricks from 1676 that were reused...into a church. (See! I'm getting too tired to type!). So then I got home at 4:45pm, nad (and) I read Cicero, the first homework book thast (that) I'm trying to read.

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